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Sliddery Shore

A short walk from our site (15min down secluded road), Sliddery shore is excellent for rock pooling or paddling. Mostly pebble though the ‘hidden beach’ is uncovered when the tide goes out.

Blackwaterfoot Beach

Blackwaterfoot (15 min drive) has an expansive length of beach, excellent for paddling, swimming & rock pooling. The drive towards Blackwaterfoot can often reward with sightings of Dolphins, Porpoises & Basking Sharks in the deep waters of the Kilbrannan Sound.

Silversands Beach

Kildonan (20 min drive) has a lovely secluded sandy beach which is accessed by steps down from parking at the roadside. Great for leisurely days out with picnics, paddling & swimming.

Torrylinn Beach

Kilmory (5 min drive) has a vast sandy beach approximately two miles long. Accessed from the main road down a track, you can drive down and park at the beach. Excellent for picnics, paddling & swimming when the temperature allows!